One Language Project

Rediscovering Our Kinship With Other Species Through the Language of Emotion

A catalogue of stories of connection and compassion between humans and other species for use in public exhibits. Each story emphasizes what we have in common versus what makes us different, and shows other animals as someones instead of somethings.

Started in 2012 by multi-media artist Miranda Loud as a project of the non-profit Naturestage, the One Language Project brings portrait photography, photoessays, and video and audio stories into public spaces, highlighting the "one language" of emotion that we share with our fellow species on this planet. 

The project poses two questions:

“If we viewed individuals of other species as ‘someones’ instead of ‘somethings’, how would that impact our human culture?”

”Is healing our connection with other species part of healing our connection with our planet and one another?”




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