One Language Project

Rediscovering Our Kinship With Other Species Through the Language of Emotion

A catalogue of stories of connection and compassion between humans and other species for use in public exhibits. Each story emphasizes what we have in common versus what makes us different, and shows other animals as someones instead of somethings.

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Abby and Henry - Overcoming Obstacles

Painter Julie Hedrick describes how her daughter convinced her to rescue a neglected dog in Brooklyn called Abby, and how Abby learned what it means to be a dog and be loved when she met Henry. Video by Miranda Loud 2013.

Our daughter was living in Williamsburg with two roommates from California. One of them had brought this tiny little puppy that was as big as the palm of your hand in a little bag on the airplane when she flew to New York. She named her Abby. They all moved in together and started school. It all fell apart very quickly. Jill didn’t train Abby, didn’t walk her. She was off at school all day so little Abigail had to fend for herself. She had no idea what it meant to go outside, walk and be a dog. She didn’t know how to be a dog.

And right around that time, we asked our daughter if she’d take care of our dog Henry while we were away for a couple of weeks. Henry came to New York and Henry got walked every day at the dog park and played and played. He would get so tired that Ari would have to carry him home in her arms, and Henry really bonded with little Abby. She kind of got a sense of what it means to be a dog. You walk, you explore, you play with other dogs.

We came home and everyone was happy, took Henry home, but after that, things went from bad to worse for Abigail after that. Soon, we received an email from our daughter with a photo of Abby with a bow in her hair and all brushed saying “Please will you adopt me?” So, we picked her up one night. It was very stealth, coming into Williamsburg. We opened the door of the car and came upstate with this little dog. We got Abby here and she didn’t know how to be housetrained, but after the first night, Henry showed her and she learned. Henry also taught her how to go up and down the stairs. 

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